If you're lonely you can talk to me

so today I got super upset at the fact that the person I am interning is really slacking/the shittiest person I’ve met in a while and I was just so done with everything. Yet somehow my friends managed to get me out of my mood and now I’m all smiley and worry free. I honestly didn’t think I would find such ride-and-die bitches here but I’m so blessed to have them through the good and the bad <3


Here’s to receiving the presidential treatment this valentine’s day

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I have you,that’s all I need..

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Earlier today, my friends and I went on a scavenger hunt across Geneva and at the end we were trying to find out which tram (train) took us back to the dorms. In the midst of our confusion, a Swiss lady came up to us and was like “I know English! Where do you want to go?” And she was just so sweet and precious and I guess (for now) my karma is pretty good. Thank god I’m so nice to tourists (well sometimes lol)

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